No Child Left Off-Line

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Imagine if you can....


You wake up and see the rooster crowing madly outside the window but hear...nothing. The familiar sounds of the dog barking,  Mama humming in the kitchen as she prepares breakfast,  Grandma  softly chanting her morning prayers…..  You have known these sounds since the day you were born but today they aren’t there anymore: you're in a silent world. 

This is what happened to little Maria, a young girl who at the age of four lost her hearing due to severe ear infections which festered in both ears before her family was able to do anything about it and by then it was too late.  It's extremely hard for an adult to lose their hearing, but for a child who doesn't understand, who depended on loving words from Mama and Grandma, her whole world had been destroyed.  Her security totally gone.

That was seven years ago.  Today Maria is a very bright 5th grader in her school for children requiring Special Needs.  She's in the top of her class and now deeply concerned about her future.  As she gazes at the direction her life is going she asks, "What's going to become of me?"

In two more years Maria will have gone as far as she can go under her present circumstances.  The children with Special Needs program at her school only goes from kindergarten through 7th grade.  To continue her education, Maria would need to enroll in a high school some 65 miles away from home.  Her parents, farmers relying mostly on small crops to produce a living, cannot afford to send her to a high school requiring them to pay transportation, lodging and meals.  So, Maria’s education is over no matter how smart she may be…..  unless….

Maria may have the opportunity to attend an accredited "on-line" high School to get her diploma.  It will take hard work on her part, but she knows the rewards of high school could lead to higher education and career opportunities. 

But even before that, Maria will have to learn how to use a computer and the associated programs that will make all this all possible.  We have the talent for teaching.  Where we are lacking is equipment.  We can purchase a small laptop computer of $200.  This is where we need help.  Any amount you can donate toward the purchase of this computer will be greatly appreciated.  You cannot begin to imagine the difference you will be making in Maria's future.

Please visit out Donate page above.

Thank You and God Bless........

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