No Child Left Off-Line

Another project of California Technological Care

15 years ago, California Technological Care (CTC) was formed as a 501C3 nonprofit in answer to the needs of many people in our society who had little or no computer and Internet training.  Initially, CTC would look for companies who would donate their surplus computers for us to refurbish.

Our goal was to partner with various organizations to provide free training and computer access to people who did not have computers.  This way each individual we touched would be equipped with new "Life Skills" training on computer basics.
Over the years, CTC was able to establish many training centers with local partners in many parts of the world (and mainly throughout the Philippines) which saw thousands of individuals trained free on computer fundamentals.

However, as time marches on we find that all things change.  From the limited exposure people had to the Internet and computers in the late 1990s - to today where any individual who has a cell phone can check his or her email with a simple push of a button, we find that our initial mission at CTC has become less and less relevant in this modern world.

Because of this, we have been reevaluating our Vision, our Mission and our Goals for the past few years.

We reached the conclusion that in today's computerized world, it is a must that all children acquire as much computer knowledge while they are still in school.  And, that knowledge must be provided to each student as early as possible to entice him or her to stay in school and not drop out.

We feel this is especially true when addressing the needs of children requiring a special education - starting with children who are deaf and mute.  Enhancing the capabilities of their school's Special Education program by introducing computers into the classroom, we can open a whole world of possibilities - expanding each child's imagination as to what he or she may be able to do with their life.