No Child Left Off-Line

Another project of California Technological Care

Education is the most effective way to combat poverty and save children from the elements of the street.   It can protect children (especially those with special needs) from the hands of the drug, prostitution, and human trafficking lords.

But, CTC can’t do it without your help.  Your (tax deductible) donation, no matter how small, may just be the one needed to keep a child in school and away from a life of alcoholism, prostitution and despair.

So, click on the “Donation Button” now.  And with your help, CTC will make that difference ~ one child at a time! 

Should you prefer to send your gift in the form of a personal check, please address it to:  

Enhancing the capabilities of these children’s Special Education program by introducing computers into the classroom, allows us to open a whole new world of possibilities expanding each child’s imagination as to what he or she may be able to do with their life.

On behalf of all children with special needs, I want to personally thank you for your contribution.

   Al “Sandy” Munroe

   CEO & Co-Founder